Milwood Neighborhood 2017 FALL Party!

Saturday, October 14 6pm – 8pm Threads is hosting a simple fall neighborhood gathering under the lights, around tables and fire pits where we can hang out with our Milwood neighbors and also enjoy some chili, donuts, cider and fall activities! Click below to see what we need. Whether it’s...

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FENCES (Love Series, Part 2)

When asked what the greatest commandment is, Jesus says that we are to love God with everything we are. His hearers nodded their heads in agreement, but Jesus went on, giving them a second answer to their one question: love your neighbor as yourself. He said these two commandments go...

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The Gospel According to Pixar

Summer Teaching Series begins June 18! Stories define identity and form culture. In the last 20 years, no one has told more imaginative and powerful stories than the movie studio, Pixar. With groundbreaking technology, endearing characters and creative concepts, Pixar has told stories of toys, monsters, cars, robots, animals and...

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Participant’s Journey Class

Each year, Threads invites people to consider signing our Participant’s Vow and add their thread to the loom in the front porch. This summer, we’re offering a 4-week Participant’s Journey class for anyone interested in exploring Threads’ shared beliefs, practices and responsibilities. Details are being confirmed, if you are interested,...

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Belonging and Becoming

Belonging & Becoming – Group Learning Journey

Join us for four sessions over eight weeks as we use the Scandrettes’ “Group Learning Guide” to discuss the book, engage the suggested practices and exercises, and support and encourage one another in the process of taking practical steps to establish a thriving family culture. Location: One Well Brewing Time:...

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DISCIPLESHIP – Spiritual Talk Series

Jesus calls us to be his disciples and commissions us to go and make disciples. In order to live into this calling, we need to be aware of the fact that there is a process of growth and development towards maturity as followers of Jesus. When we understand this process,...

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Monthly Thread

The Monthly THREAD is a convenient at-a-glance newsletter to help you stay connected with what’s happening in and around Threads each month! Copies are available on the CONNECT info tower in the Front Porch. View/Download:    

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JOHN – Spiritual Talk Series

The fourth gospel, written by John, the beloved disciple, is different from the other three gospels. Matthew, Mark and Luke, the synoptic gospels, include many of the same stories, often word-for-word. They arrange the material a little differently, but each seeks to tell the historical account of Jesus’ life, death...

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