CPR Workshop


Event details

  • April 21, 2018
  • 9:00 am
  • 2031 E. Cork Street
  • 269.327.0445

On April 21st, we will have a CPR workshop from 9am to noon at the building. This is for anyone currently in a CPR group or interested in participating in one. We will cover the basics of CPR and further equip our groups to get the most of this rhythm of life together.

CPR groups are small, committed groups fo 3-4 men or women who meet regularly to speak the gospel into every corner of our hearts and every aspect of our lives. We help each other identify areas where we are not living out of the truth of the gospel and offer again the life-changing good news of Jesus’ love and power.

If you will be attending, please write “CPR Workshop” on your CONNECTion Card and drop in a giving box or turn in at the CONNECTions Table.

Contact the office if you have any questions.