Kevin Edlefson

Kevin and his wife, Amy, come to us after spending time in Michigan, Canada, Wisconsin, then back to Kalamazoo! They have three kiddos, Emily, Owen and Anna, and enjoy movie nights, camping and community theatre. Kevin has been on staff at established churches and led a church plant, The Garden, in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. […]

Caleb Vanderhill

Caleb is avid movie watcher who loves to be inside with a good book as well as out exploring the great outdoors. He has traveled the world and enjoys long backcountry hiking trips as well as short trips to the beach. He grew up in Michigan but studied Theology in Iowa where he got his […]

Rebecca Bell

Rebecca is a mom of five lively kids and a long-time local piano teacher. In her spare time she loves to read (books about theology and spiritual life, as well as classic British mystery novels are favs), write, and run the country roads surrounding her home in the Richland area. Rebecca met her husband Joel […]

Willis Bouwman

Willis loves to play his guitars hours on end and write music. He also is a gamer and loves to play games both on the table and on the screen. Most of all… Willis loves to spend time with his family and friends and share life with others while enjoying a cold beverage!    

Kim Kopec

Kim is a right-brainer who specializes in communicating with creativity and simplicity. She is married, and is a mom to two beautiful daughters, one pug (Herbie the Luv Pug) and a chocolate lab (CoCo – what else do you name a chocolate lab?). Kim also owns her own website design business. When she’s not designing, she would […]