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Advent Conspiracy 2017

The Conspiracy Continues!

As the holidays approach, it is important for us to remember that we are not living out of and being formed by the culture’s story of consumption and greed. Instead, we are living out of the self-sacrificial story of Jesus, who came to be with us, to be the Light in our dark world, and to reveal God’s love.

This time of year, we participate in a movement called the Advent Conspiracy, which seeks to help us resist the cultural story and be resourced to live out of Jesus’ story.

The Advent Conspiracy reminds us to:

worship fully – It starts with giving God glory for all that He has done for us, gladly receiving God’s love for us and offering our world back to God. Out of the context of this full-bodied worship, we then engage others differently.

spend less – living out of God’s story will lead us to disengage from the excesses of the other story of our culture. We tie our relationships to more meaningful things than the ‘stuff’ that we can buy with money. We refuse to go into debt for things that hold little actual value.

give more – even though we devalue excessive spending of money, this story calls us to increase our generosity by encouraging people to give more valuable gifts – personal gifts that cost our time and energy, maybe even handmade. Following God’s example of coming close to us, we give presence, not just presents. We make memories together and invest in people – what is unique about the recipient and about our relationships with them. We give gifts that are just – supporting local businesses and buying fair trade products (sometimes, giving more actually does involve spending money well).

love all – we also reconsider who we give gifts to at this time of year. God’s generous gift for all – especially ‘the least of these’ – inspires us to give to those who cannot give back. We encourage people to serve people in our community, participate in local events and charities. We also consider how we can give away some of the money that we didn’t spend on ‘stuff’ – making a difference in the lives of people in need around the world.

Together, we can put Advent Conspiracy into practice by supporting our annual Christmas Giving Project. We will spend less so that we can give more through loving all – as we worship fully! This year, Threads is supporting La Providencia and Milwood Commons.



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