Baptism Celebrations

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Jesus never asked His followers to do something that He didn’t model. Jesus set an example for us. He began His ministry to humanity by “going public” through the powerful act of baptism. He identified Himself with His Father and with the community of followers He would bring together.

Following Jesus was very personal, but never private. The followers of Jesus went public with their newfound relationship with Christ. If you have come to know Jesus for who He is, will you follow Him in the step of baptism?

Baptism is not a means of salvation; instead it is a beautiful picture of our union with Christ and our public commitment to follow Him on mission.

We ask that you attend a Baptism Info meeting before taking the step of baptism with us. Here, you will learn more about what will happen at your baptism, and why it is so important. Also, we will be able to help you take your next steps following your baptism.

We regularly hold baptism celebrations at Threads, and we invite you to take this step in your spiritual journey. If you are interested, look online or in The WEEKLY (handed out at our Worship Gatherings) for the next Baptism Info meeting.

For more info, read our Baptism FAQs.