Rest in Power

A Kingdom Response to Racism

Threads Family, Once again, the evil of racism is running rampant and we are all recognizing that there needs to be a response, particularly by the white church. It was important to listen on Sunday to the voices of some of our family who are forced to live with these...

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New Teaching Series – Regula Vitae

We all have a pattern to our lives, habits and practices that shape our days and weeks. This pattern, though it is often unexamined, shapes us in profound ways. What if we were to examine our lives and make some small, intentional shifts that can have profound impacts on how...

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Letters from Hell series logo

New Teaching Series – Letters from Hell

C.S. Lewis’ classic book, The Screwtape Letters, is a view of reality from below. A fictional series of letters from an experienced devil to his first-time temptor nephew, the letter gives advice on how best to influence a human away from God. The demonic perspective is difficult, as everything is...

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Giving Project 2019

2019 Year-end Giving Project

Thank you for your generosity! We raised $3,320 to bless our Milwood Neighborhood and our Honduras 2020 team! Our annual year-end giving project is the only time we take an offering that goes above and beyond our regular giving back to Threads. This is one of the ways that we...

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Immanuel With

Teaching Series – Immanuel, WITH

Advent Teaching Series - December 1-29, 2019. Join us as we explore the ways Jesus is God-with-us, in every aspect of our lives. Enter with us into an Advent-exploration of the nearness of God in Christ, and of our call to be present with others the way God is present...

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Creation Waits Series

Creation Waits – New Teaching Series

The Bible speaks of all creation ‘groaning,’ and our current situation seems to agree, with massive climate change, toxic levels of pollution in the air and water and the rapid disappearance of plant and animal species. Scientists are sounding increasingly desperate alarms and sounding like doomsday prophets of old. What’s...

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