Messages From The Lord

June 14 – August 30

Messages From The Lord, Listening To The Minor Prophets


Before Jesus came, God sent messages to His people through the prophets. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, these prophets called Israel to return to their identity as God’s covenant people as defined by the Law.

Today, God continues to speak to us through the Holy Spirit, calling us to return to our identity as God’s new covenant people, now defined by the life of Jesus and the new law of love (loving God and loving others).

Jewish scholar Abraham Heschel says that immersing ourselves in the words of the prophets exposes us to “a ceaseless shattering of indifference, and one needs a skull of stone to remain callous to such blows.” This summer we will be immersing ourselves in the words of the twelve minor prophets, considering how God was speaking into the lives of His people then and how He is still sending us messages today.

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