Excitement Zone 2014

EZ-logo-2014-webWhat: Threads and ActiveWater partnering up to root for runners in the Kalamazoo Marathon. Loud cheering, beachy props, crazy noisemakers, fun signage, live band and more!

Date: Sunday, May 4 (No Worship Gathering on this day!)

Time: 8:00am – 2:30pm (3 Shifts:  8am-10am, 10am – 12pm, 12pm – 2pm)

Why: A fun opportunity to be an encouragement and blessing to our community! And, a great way to go on MISSION together.

Who: Threads (adults & kiddos), ActiveWater, friends and family – anyone is welcome!

Sign-Up Details:

  • While this is a FREE event, sign-up is important!
  • We need a minimum of 30 people per shift to maintain a consistent level of excitement for the runners.
  • We also need to make sure we have plenty of props to hand out!
  • Once you reserve your “ticket” on EventBrite (use sign-up below), you will be notified via email of complete event details closer to the date such as location, parking, what to bring, what to wear, etc.
  • Excitement Zone participants are encouraged to dress up according to our theme – Hawaiian print or bright beach shirts, beach towels, sunglasses, etc. We will also supply plenty of fun accessories and props!

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More about WHY we do this…

Even if you’ve never run a long distance race, you can probably imagine the huge about of physical and emotional energy that goes into conquering this type of challenge. Not only are you putting one leg in front of the other for much longer than feels comfortable or natural, but you’re constantly fighting the voice in your head that says to stop because this hurts, you’re tired, you’re not strong enough, you’ve got better things to do, and so on. As with most challenges, most of the battle is mental! So imagine running 12 to 25 miles, feeling like you might want to quit, wondering if anyone really cares about what you’re doing, and then turning a corner and seeing all of these smiling faces, people you don’t know who got up early and fought terrible marathon traffic to cheer for you, clap for you, encourage you, and believe in you. That would mean more than words could express! And it would probably be just the boost you need to finish strong. Encouraging people as they strive to reach their goals and defeat their mental barriers is not only something good to do–it’s a way to bring Jesus into our community. Thank you so much for participating!




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