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“At the heart of a Jesus-centered faith is the conviction that God is not a remote being, aloof and unknowable. Rather, God has drawn unimaginably near to us in the incarnation of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus modeled a God-connected life: confident in God’s faithful attention to human concerns, fluent in the language of prayer, consistent in his pursuit of solitude and quiet in which to commune with his Father. We, however, often struggle to find our way to connection. We doubt God’s nearness, struggle to pray, and find solitude and quiet either unappealing or unattainable. 

The path of following Jesus leads to connection and flows from connection–with each other, with creation, and with God. During this series of talks, we’ll explore together some of the ways we can make space in our lives for a deeper experience of connection and communion with the heart of God.”

1/8/23 – Communing with the Heart of God – John 1:1-18; John 15:4-5

1/15/23 – The Prayer Jesus Prayed – Matthew 6:9-13

1/22/23 – Free of Shame in God’s Presence – Luke 11:5-13

1/29/23 “The Whole Anatomy of the Soul” – Praying the Psalms

2/5/23 – Intimacy in Communion with God – Song of Songs

2/12/23 – Belonging in Communion with God – Isaiah 56:1-8; Psalm 84

2/19/23 – Communing with the God of All Comfort – Psalm 23

2/26/23 –  Returning to the Heart of God: the Prayer of Repentance – Psalm 52

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