Spiritual Talks

Amy Edlefson - July 5, 2020


Rebekah, more than Isaac, is the proactive agent of the story, as God speaks to her and she works to bring about what God has revealed to her.

From Series: "A Mighty Army - Listening to the Stories of Women in the Old Testament"

“The LORD gives the word; the women who announce the good news are a great host” Ps. 68:11 (ESV) When reading the Bible, we are presented primarily with the story from the perspective of male characters. But humanity was made male and female, together representing the image of God. We need to recognize that without the stories, experiences, and witness of women, our knowledge of God and the gospel is dangerously incomplete. This summer, we will be listening to the stories of many of the women of the Old Testament and letting them lead us to a fuller understanding of Jesus and a fuller representation of the image of God in the world.

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