Luke-Jerusalem and Beyond

Luke – To Jerusalem and Beyond

Teaching Series: March 3 – April 28, 2019 Jesus sets his face towards the holy city. With an increasing sense of urgency as Jerusalem grows closer, he prepares his disciples for the decisive events that will happen there and for life and leadership afterwards. Walk with Jesus and his followers...

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Monthly Thread

The Monthly THREAD is a convenient at-a-glance newsletter to help you stay connected with what’s happening in and around Threads each month! Copies are also available in the Front Porch. View/Download:    

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Luke – The Gaililee Years

Something’s happening in Galilee, of all places. A young rabbi and miracle worker is teaching the wrong things and touching the wrong people. The crowds are astonished. The neighbors are talking. The religious leaders are concerned.

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Luke – Beginnings

Luke invites us to slow down and listen to the story - to be shocked and afraid at the angel’s surprising announcements; to celebrate the gracious goodness and glory of the good news; to ask questions and wonder what all this means.

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Kalamazoo United

Continue to join others ‘united in prayer’ by texting the word ‘Kalamazoo’ to 84576, and then following the prompts to receive weekly email or text messages that will direct the whole church of Jesus in the Kalamazoo region to pray together for our community in specific ways. Enjoy this video...

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