Talks: “Luke – The Gaililee Years III” from Kevin Edlefson

Kevin Edlefson - January 27, 2019

Luke - The Gaililee Years III

Luke - The Gaililee Years

As Jesus continues his ministry in Galilee, people have a range of reactions to him. Some are astonished and some afraid. Some leave everything to follow him, some dig in to resist him. How will you respond to Jesus?

From Series: "Luke - The Gaililee Years"

Something’s happening in Galilee, of all places. A young rabbi and miracle worker is teaching the wrong things and touching the wrong people. The crowds are astonished. The neighbors are talking. The religious leaders are concerned. As we continue our reading of Luke’s telling of the good news, we’ll follow Jesus through the towns and wild places of Galilee. He encounters John and the Devil in the wilderness. He is rejected in Nazareth for saying challenging things. He is praised in Capernaum for doing amazing things. He’s eating and drinking with sinners and tax collectors, collecting a motley crew of disciples, and dispensing a collection of wineskin-bursting new teachings. Watch Jesus. Pay attention to where he goes, who he talks to and eats with, what he says and what he does. Notice who receives him and follows him from place to place in Galilee. Observe who rejects him and resists the news he brings. This same divisive Galilean rabbi comes to us in our own times and places, bringing disruptive challenge and surprising good news. Will we receive him or resist him?

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