Talks: “What is the Church?” from Kevin Edlefson

Kevin Edlefson - November 24, 2019

EXILES - A Peaceful People in a Antagonistic Culture

EXILES - Making Home in a Hostile Culture

We live in a culture of antagonism, division and violence. Even those who would abhor physical violence often throw words around like weapons, belittling and demonizing those we disagree with. Yet Jesus offers us his peace and if we accept it and live in light of it, we would truly stand out as God’s peculiar people.

From Series: "EXILES - Making Home in a Hostile Culture"

When the people of God were taken away into exile, they struggled to understand their identity in a new way. They no longer had a land, a temple or a king to define them as a people. As a result, they began to gather, write and center themselves on the stories of God’s interaction with His people, compiling much of the Old Testament during this time. Today, we are experiencing a similar need to redefine ourselves as the church loses its privileged place in the culture we live in. How do we understand ourselves as citizens of the Kingdom of God while also living as sent representatives of that Kingdom in this place and time? How do we make homes within this culture without losing our distinctive character as Jesus’ people and compromising our primary allegiance to the Kingdom of God? Listen with us to stories of God’s people in exile as we consider our own situation today. Turn your eyes with us to look at Jesus and find our identity as those made in and being conformed to his image, a Holy people of Faith, Hope, Love, Grace, Truth and Peace.

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