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Kevin Edlefson - March 1, 2020

Regula Vitae - Introduction; Habits

Regula Vitae

We all have certain habits and relationships, unexamined patterns of life that give shape to our days and weeks. What if we were more intentional about creating a structure of habits and relationships that would lead to greater freedom, purpose and joy?

From Series: "Regula Vitae"

We all have a pattern to our lives, habits and practices that shape our days and weeks. This pattern, though it is often unexamined, shapes us in profound ways. What if we were to examine our lives and make some small, intentional shifts that can have profound impacts on how we are being formed and what type of people we are becoming? In a variety of different times and places, followers of Jesus have sought to define a particular, intentional way of life that will help them to know, love, serve and become more like Jesus. Some of these communities crafted a very specific Regula Vitae, Latin for ‘rule of life.’ These ‘rules’ were intended to be a framework upon which we can experience the abundant and fruitful life that Jesus offers us. At Threads, we have five shared practices - essential elements we’ve identified for living in the Way of Jesus. Each broad practice offers near infinite specific ways to live it out. During this series, we will look at each practice, experiment with different micropractices each week and look to write out and commit to an overall personal rule of life that can support our own growth and fruitfulness as we follow Christ.
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