Talks: “What is the Church?” from Kevin Edlefson

Kevin Edlefson - November 1, 2020


Holiness is a word with a lot of baggage in our culture today, yet we cannot ignore God’s call to be a holy people, as Jesus reveals it to be one of the defining characteristics of the church.

From Series: "SEVEN: Piecing Together what Christ Thinks of the Church"

The last book of the Bible, Revelation, begins with Jesus’ words to seven churches, each in a different city, with a different history and a different set of challenges. Jesus speaks specifically into each church and its context, offering praise for what they have done well and critiquing them where they are falling short. The Lord of the Church, who moves among the churches, offers comfort and challenge, pointing each church towards greater faithfulness and offering promises of reward. But these seven letters are intended for us all as Christ (pieces together a mosaic) (gives us a composite picture) of what he desires from every church in every place and time and in every circumstance. May we hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches, get a glimpse of what is important to Jesus and recognize where Jesus is pleased and where Jesus wants something more from us as his church in our time and place.

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