Talks: “What is the Church?” from Kevin Edlefson

Kevin Edlefson - January 17, 2016

Genesis - III

Genesis - Our Family Tree

When God chooses Abram and Sarai, the story moves from barrenness to blessing. In their lives, we see faith and lack of faith and the enduring faithfulness of God, Who remains committed to blessing His world through His imperfect people.

From Series: "Genesis - Our Family Tree"

The book of Genesis is a book of origins, explaining how things came to be the way they are. In particular, Genesis focuses on how God’s people came into being as the inheritors of the promise and the bearers of the blessing. Here we find the beginning of the long redemptive story of God at work in His world to bring it towards the end He has intended. This family tree is not very pretty. It’s limbs get twisted and the fruit is often sparse and bitter as our all-too-human ancestors are faced with the choice to respond to God’s gracious calling and live in God’s generous world in the way God intends, or to go their own way. But through these stories, we see God’s tenacious commitment to His people and His purpose. Despite the mixed response of humanity and the obstacles of our broken world, God’s story moves forward - slowly and patiently, but relentlessly.

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