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Kevin Edlefson - August 14, 2016

Postcards from Paul - 11

Postcards from Paul

Paul writes to Timothy, a younger coworker in a tough situation in Ephesis, encouraging him to train in godliness and counter false and unwholesome teachings with the truth of the gospel.

From Series: "Postcards from Paul"

Paul – the one-time persecutor of the early church – became the movement’s most important theologian, authoring almost half of the New Testament as he wrestled to understand and apply the new thing that God was doing in Christ.Yet Paul was not sitting in a room somewhere researching and writing – he was traversing the Mediterranean, proclaiming the gospel, gathering disciples in new communities of faith and making tents.His writings weren’t systematic theologies, but practical applications of the gospel in concrete situations – correcting wrong understanding and behavior, encouraging and supporting the fledgling churches and writing to inspire and thank his coworkers and friends. During this series, we will be reading all of Paul’s letters with the goal of seeking to understand who is being addressed, what their situation is and how Paul brings the gospel to bear on that situation. As we do, we will better understand the ways that the gospel is speaking into our own context, centuries later and halfway around the world.

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