Talks: “What is the Church?” from Kevin Edlefson

Kevin Edlefson - October 30, 2016

The Unveiling - 4

The Unveiling - The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Seals and trumpets, angels and horsemen – the action is picking up as God’s plan to restore all things is set in motion. Wild and vivid imagery assaults our imagination as God reveals truths about the reality of evil, the necessity of judgment and the hope we have as God’s people.

From Series: "The Unveiling - The Revelation of Jesus Christ"

Monsters and a dragon, horseman and angels, lampstands and trumpets, seals and bowls - and at the center of it all, a throne with a slaughtered Lamb. What are we to make of the vivid and disturbing imagery of the book of Revelation? Is it a roadmap to the end of the world? Is it a secret code for early Christians, but not relevant for today? There is a lot of confusion (and more than a little fear) when people turn to the last book of the Bible. As a result, it is often obsessed over or completely ignored. But the original hearers of this prophetic and pastoral letter recognized it as an apocalyptic message of hope, a call to faithful worship and witness. A persecuted and compromised church is given a new glimpse of who Jesus is and what is happening in the world. The curtain is drawn back and we see that it is indeed Jesus, not Caesar, not any other false god or idol, who is Lord. In a time of uncertainty and upheaval concerning who is in power and how that power is to be used, the Spirit invites us to come hear and see this powerful vision anew.

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