Mission D.R. 2011 Trip

Consuelo, Dominican Republic – July 22- Aug 1, 2011

We are excited to see your interest in our mission to the Dominican Republic.

As you continue to read, you will see more about what God has already been doing in Consuelo, D.R. Iglesia Roca de Salvacion (Rock of Salvation Church) is willing to host us to partner with them. In partnering with them, we will help them achieve some things that are beyond their resources right now.

On this trip, we will have the opportunity for relational and task ministries. Each of us will have the opportunity to serve children and their families as we will be responsible for leading two days of a Kids Club for 200 or more children. In addition, we will have opportunities to visit some of these families in their homes. We will worship with the Iglesia Roca de Salvacion community as well. In addition, there are several building projects that are ongoing. We will have the chance to serve through all kinds of construction tasks.

Needless to say, we will be stretched and challenged in many ways. We will be struck by the poverty, as well as the joy, people have even with very little of the stuff you and I possess. The weather will be very hot and humid. We will experience life and ministry without many of the comforts you take for granted. We will be unplugged from technology. It will be a time of great dependency upon God and great growth for each team member.

Our Relationship with Consuelo

Iglesia Roca de Salvacion (Rock of Salvation Church) was planted in this growing community about 11 years ago and has grown to approximately 100 people including children. The church is very active in reaching out to the children in the community. They began an after school program for children in the surrounding community, which includes feeding the children, crafts, tutoring, Bible school, physical activities and English classes.

Currently, there are four buildings on the property: a church building, school building with 2 classrooms (the second story of which is still unfinished), a kitchen/cafeteria, and a building that will house both a water purification system and a bakery. Previous teams from other churches have assisted in building all of these structures.

Rock of Salvation Church (Pastor Julio Jimenez) has asked for our assistance to help finish the following projects:

The second story of the school building which will include a concrete roof, floors, windows, doors, electricity, stucco and paint. The cost of this project will be approximately $13,500.

The kitchen/cafeteria needs a concrete roof and a second floor (which will provide more classrooms). Windows, doors, flooring, electricity stucco, and paint are also needed. This project will cost approximately $14,500. The entire property needs a block and concrete protection wall around it. This will cost approximately $10,000.

The total estimate for everything to be completed is approximately $37,000 over five years. Our Threads team is raising a portion of these funds for the work we will be completing.

If you would like to provide financial assistance toward the Mission D.R. – 2011 trip, you may give online or mail a check to our office. Please make check payable to Threads Church.

*Pfizer employees wishing to request matching funds, please contact the Threads office for important details!


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