Missional Communities (MCs) are at the heart of our life together at Threads. Organized around a specific mission focus, we build strong relationships of care, support, encouragement and growth even as we serve together side by side.

We like to say it this way…  We are a story-formed family on mission to make disciples.

  • Story-formed means that we are being formed by God’s story rather than any other lesser story.  It also means that we are looking to become active members in God’s redemptive story that continues to unfold in our context.
  • Mission (serving others) is a natural outcome of being story-formed, and unites us as family.
  • A disciple is one who follows Jesus and helps spread the Good News in order to make other disciples. Jesus said, in Matthew 28, to make disciples by going on mission (hands), apprenticing with others in his ways (heart), and teaching others about him (head).  Jesus modeled discipleship as a way of life and calls us to do the same. Following Jesus means that we need to sacrifice and give just like He gave.

Though it varies with each missional community, the general rhythm of life in an MC looks something like this:

  • Twice a month the MC gathers together as a family, usually in a home around a meal. During these times we learn, grow, support and challenge one another to not only know God better, but submit our lives more fully to Him.

  • Once a month, out MCs practice ‘inclusive community,’ which is a fancy term for a party! We hang out together and invite others from outside the MC to spend time with us and get to know people in our family.

  • Once a month, the MC goes on mission together, engaging in the particular shared mission focus of that MC.

2/1/1 is just a springboard for true discipleship which happens life on life. We call people to practice simplicity with their time and money to resource their hearts back to Jesus. This helps them live like Jesus by giving these resources more generously to others.  In the past “small groups” have had more of an inward focus. Missional Communities have an outward focus – that’s what makes them different.

Some of our MCs have a mission focus that is more seasonal, so they may vary the rhythm with more frequent times of mission during one part of the year balanced by a more steady rhythm of family times at another time.

  • Step 1 – Identify a missional community that has a shared mission that you could give yourself to. It may not be what you are most passionate about (maybe you’ll start a new MC somewhere down the line with that focus!), but everyone in the MC needs to be willing to play their role in the groups shared mission.

  • Step 2 – Contact the leader of that missional community. The leader can answer any questions about the MC and its mission focus and can arrange for you to go on mission with the MC once or twice.

  • Step 3 – After you’ve served with the missional community, the leader can talk with you about what it would mean to join the MC. This would include joining in the full rhythm of the MC’s life together and signing the MC’s covenant, which spells out the family rules – the expectations and commitments each member is accepting.

Breaking Bread:
Mission –
 Bringing Shalom to the world around us by building relationships through sharing meals.
Leader – Nicole Tiongson
Meets Tuesday at 6:15pm

Milwood Magnet:
Mission –
Building relationships with staff, students and parents at Milwood Magnet school. (Gym Nights, Literacy Night, school grounds beautification, etc.)
Leader – Ben Manting
Meets Wednesday at 6:30pm

Milwood Kids and Families:
Mission – Supporting Milwood Commons Preschool and Childcare and providing Arts & Game nights during the summer for Milwood Kids.
Leader – Esther Bouwman
Meets Friday at 6:30pm

Loaves & Fishes:
Mission – Serving and building relationships with loaves and fishes pantry
volunteers and clients.
Leader – Rick Husted
Meets Friday at 6:30pm

For more information about Missional Communities, contact Kevin Edlefson at 269-327-0445 or by email.