New Series – Meltdowns

The people who populate the pages of Scripture are relatable in their humanness – we encounter them in moments of wisdom and grace, and in the midst of utter meltdown, when everything is falling apart and they are not at their best. In all of it, Scripture shows us a God who meets people in every circumstance; a Savior who reaches out to rescue, heal, and restore in the midst of disaster, disobedience, and despair. 

10/29/23 – Moses’s Meltdown: Anger – Numbers 20:1-13 

11/5/23 – Elijah’s Meltdown: Despair –  1 Kings 19:1-18

11/12/23 – Paul and Barnabas’s Relational Meltdown – Acts 15:38 

11/19/23  –Peter’s Meltdown (and his Redemption): Luke 22:54-62; John  21:15-17

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