Shared Practices

Story-Formed-icon-web-300Story-Formed Obedience – hear & obey

In a culture where we want to define ourselves as the heroes of our own stories, God is calling us to discover and embrace our role in the true Story of the world where Jesus is the Hero. We seek to hear God’s voice through the Scriptures and obey His direction for our lives.


Presence-icon-web-300Presence – recognize & respond

In a culture that focuses on the surface, God is calling us to cultivate an awareness of His presence in all times and places. We seek to recognize God’s presence and respond by engaging in authentic relationship with God.



Abundance-icon-web-300Abundance – receive & offer

In a culture of scarcity and competition, God is calling us to trust in His abundant grace for all things. We gratefully receive and enjoy God’s gifts to us and generously offer what we have to God and to others.



Discipleship-icon-web-300Discipleship – grow & guide

In a culture of self-help and quick fixes, God is calling us to the long path of maturity in Christ. We commit to grow to be more like Jesus and guide others, helping them begin to follow Jesus and become more like him.



Extended-Community-icon-web-300Extended Community – gather & go

In a culture of isolation and independence, God is calling us to three dimensional community where we belong to God, to the family of faith and to the places we inhabit. We live lives of worship and witness as a gathered community and as representatives of Christ in the world.