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For those of you who call Threads home.

Bringing Back

Missed the Worship Gathering? Visit our Online Giving page.

Missional Communities

Threads is a story-formed family on mission to make disciples. Check out our current Missional Communities, contact the leader of one that interests you, and jump in.

For Missional Community Leaders, we have a private resource page that you can access here.

CPR Groups

CPR groups are small accountability groups, ideally of three people of the same gender, that meet on a regular basis. Contact Kevin by email or call 269.327.0445 to learn more.

Participant’s Vow

View and/or download a copy of the Participant’s Vow.


Discipleship Guide (View/Download)
This document outlines the basic stages of development as we mature as followers of Jesus, helping people to recognize where they are currently at in their growth and what the next steps might be. There are helpful tips for recognizing what stage people are at, as well as how you can come alongside someone at this stage and invest in their growth. This guide can be used for self-assessment or to assist you as you seek to help others to grow towards greater maturity in Christ.

Regula Vitae Praxis (View/Download)
Regula Vitae is Latin for ‘rule of life.’ A rule of life is a support structure of habits and relationships that help us to stay connected to Christ, like a trellis that supports the healthy growth and fruitfulness of a grapevine (see John 15:1-17 or the Regular Vitae teaching series). These worksheets walk you through a process of identifying the specific, intentional ways that you are committing to live out our shared practices in ways that fit your unique personality, situation and season in life. Work through them with a friend or in a group and come back to revisit and tweak your personal rule of life regularly, especially as you move into new seasons of life.

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